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Your use of this service is subject to the BBC Archive Products Terms of Use

BBC Archive Products Terms of Use

A few rules for you

BBC Archive Products give you access to: BBC programmes, short-form clips and some non-broadcast content and information. Here are a few rules to stick to. If you don’t, we’ll stop your access.

  1. Don’t share or let others use your log-in details. We may track your access and use of the Archive Products and keep records of what you search and export. We’ll do this to check on performance of our systems and to check that you’re sticking to these Terms of Use. We might contact you to check you’ve got permission to use what you’ve exported or for administrative purposes.
  2. Only use the Archive Products for the work that you’ve been approved to use it for. So, if you were given access to research for the BBC commission of Planet Earth II, for example, do not use your access to do research for non-BBC commissions.
  3. Once your work is completed you must delete from your devices and PC the content and personal data that you’ve exported.
  4. You are responsible for checking any content used is compliant and cleared for use. You’ll need to do editorial compliance, legal and rights clearance and get permission to use anything you export from the Archive Products, to make sure that it doesn’t infringe anyone’s rights (that includes privacy rights). Bear in mind you might have to pay a fee for this. We don’t always own the copyright in what’s in the Archive Products. Our content often includes other people’s content. For instance, a TV programme might feature images, performances, video and music that belong to artists, actors, producers and musicians. Or we only have limited rights in a programme, which is owned by an independent production company. So you may have to ask them if you can re-use content from it. You must also make sure that any use meets the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines, and check all original compliance forms, legal restrictions and rights clearance to help you find out what permissions you’ll need to get. If we ask you, you must provide evidence that you’ve got the permissions you need.
  5. If what you export has personal data in it, the BBC is the data controller and you are the data processor. Only use that personal data for the work you’ve been given permission to access the Archive Products for and always keep it secure. Bear in mind, when you use personal data that data protection laws will apply.
  6. The BBC, as data controller, is also responsible for handling your email address and username (for BBC staff, this will be your BBC staff ID, and for non-BBC staff, the log-in details you were issued with when you registered to access and use the Archive Products) in line with data protection laws. We do this on the basis of our legitimate interests in monitoring and auditing the performance and effectiveness of the Archive Products.
  7. We take great care that the Archive Products are the best they can be. We’re not liable for anything that happens if:
    • you rely on advice, data, commentary, opinions or any other content
    • there are errors, omissions, interruptions, delays, bugs or viruses
    • we remove content from or turn off this service
    • the thing that happens couldn’t reasonably have been foreseen
    • the thing that happens wouldn’t usually result from the mishap
    • you and we hadn’t agreed that this thing would probably happen in the event of a mishap.
  8. We may update these Terms of Use and when we do the latest version always applies.

By clicking “Register”, you’re accepting these Archive Products Terms of Use.

In the unlikely event that you have any queries regarding these Terms of Use, you can contact us at

This is where you can sign up to the BBCs Archive Services products, allowing you access to search, browse and clip high resolution archive content.

Who can get access?
You can sign up and apply for access if you are a programme maker, making a programme for transmission on a BBC channel or platform. If you require BBC Archive for use in content not commissioned by the BBC, you will need to source this through Motion Gallery.
What do I need to do?
You must read the terms and conditions. If you are happy with them, you can sign up. The sign up form will change depending on if you are BBC Public Service, BBC Studios or an Indie.
I have an issue, what should I do?
If this is a general question about sign up check out our FAQs.
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